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Solar Panel Coating NG 1314/D




FOR MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY AND PERFORMANCE OF PHOTOVOLTATIC SYSTEMS AND SOLAR MIRRORS. NG 1314/D is the first coating of its kind that combines a hard hydrophobic “Easy to Clean” protection with an efficient, dust accumulation reducing function. The inorganic bonding system offers a natural UV resistance, and up to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.The product is formulated in a way that enables it to penetrate into the porous surface structure of the glass. During the self-assembling curing process a hardening effect of the glass surface can be achieved. The ultra-thin film follows the Nano scale contour of the surface structure, rather than filling up the pores and microscopic valleys with a thick layer. Unlike other products , NG1314 is based on a naturally UV resistant substance called sillica. Silica is not only hard, but also heat and chemical resistant. The fuctional matrix created by the product reduces the contact area of dust particles with the surface. Coated panels show a higher power output and more consistent energy efficiency. The coating protects the glass from erosion, and from stubborn staining from salt spray and mineral deposits. Such proven and reliable materials can handle harsh conditions from sub zero to extreme hot environments . NG 1314/D can be used solar mirrors as well. Kit contains: application instructions, 250 ml surface preparation , 250 ml NG 1314 /D 1 x adjustable spray head and 1x fine mist spray head for the coating application.. Also included 2 x surface preparation cloth heavy duty non woven, and 3 x surface application cloth clean room qualaty grade.


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