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About the Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory

The inventory is a resource for consumers, citizens, policymakers, and others who are interested in learning about how nanotechnology is entering the marketplace. It is meant to be international and expanding. The goal is to create a 'living' inventory for the exchange of accurate information on nano­ enabled consumer products. Improved information sharing will allow citizens, manufacturers, scientists, policymakers, and others to better understand how nanotechnology is being used in the consumer marketplace. To participate you can register for an account here or submit new and updated information to

How to cite this inventory:

Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (2013). Consumer Products Inventory.  Retrieved [date accessed], from

We recently published a paper about this inventory. Please see it here:

Vance, M. E., Kuiken, T., Vejerano, E. P., McGinnis, S. P., Hochella, M. F., Jr., Rejeski, D. and Hull, M. S. (2015) Nanotechnology in the real world: Redeveloping the nanomaterial consumer products inventoryBeilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 6, 1769-1780.