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Aquanova® Novasol®


Date Added

1 January 2007

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“Completely in tune with the start of the era of nanotechnology, the product micelle of lipophilic or water insoluble substances is providing crystal clear solutions and not just from a visual standpoint. The product micelle is stable with respect to pH and temperature and has a diameter of approximately 30 nm. Here, where microemulsions and liposomes prove to be problematical and unsuitable, the product micelle represents the optimum solution in the fields of foodstuffs (functional food), cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology (nutritional solutions for cell and bacterial cultures). The 100% watersoluble micelle can be integrated directly and independently of recipe characteristics into final products in the quoted fields. The product micelle is proving to be an optimum carrier system of hydrophobic substances for a higher and faster intestinal and dermal resorption and penetration of active ingredients.’



Nanoparticles 30 nm diameter

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up to 22%

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