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303 products have been added. The inventory now includes 1,317 products, and has grown 521% since March 2006. Europe has overtaken East Asia as the second greatest contributor of manufacturer-identified nanotechnology-enabled consumer products, though the USA still contributes the most.


1 product has been removed. GreenPan cooking utensils were mistakenly reported to have been manufactured using nanotechnology. GreenPan products are no longer included in the Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory.


212 products have been added. The inventory now includes over 1,000 products, and has grown by nearly 379% since March 2006. Products that can no longer be found on the web are now marked archived. In each instance we have attempted to provide a link to a cached version of the website using The Internet Archive.


197 products have been added. These include two products being used in the 2008 Olympics and a large number of personal care products. Denmark has been added to the list of countries, bringing the total number of contributing countries to 21. The majority of products are still coming out of the United States.


26 products have been added. The inventory now includes products from over 20 different countries. The inventory has grown by nearly 185% (from 212 to 606 products) since it was released in March 2006.


78 products have been added. These include the Apple® iPhone and a number of personal care products. One subcategory (Automotive->Watercraft) has been added.


27 products have been added. Included in these additions are the relevant sunscreen products reported in the July 2007 edition of Consumer Reports magazine. The inventory now contains over 500 manufacturer self-identified products.


96 products have been added. Two countries (Italy and Canada) have been added. 16 of these products are from Chinese language websites and descriptions are provided through the use of Google translation.


27 updates/products added. One new subcategory (Home and Garden > Pets) added. 1 product deleted. Revitalizing Night Cream by MyChelle Dermaceuticals has been removed from the inventory.


35 updates/products added. One new country (Singapore) has been added.


45 updates/products added. Two product subcategories have been added (Appliances‡Batteries, Home and Garden‡Luggage) and two new countries have been added (Thailand and Malaysia)


45 updates/products added. Following the Friends of the Earth report “Nanomaterials, sunscreens, and cosmetics: small ingredients, big risks,” we have updated our inventory with relevant product information from that could be verified from the manufacturers’ websites. Closely related individual products have been combined into single lines of products.


StriVectin™-NE Self-Heating NanoExfoliant For The Hands™ product added. Product description include “StriVectin™-NE Self-Heating NanoExfoliant For The Hands™ has a molecular weight perfectly suited to help increase cellular turnover and improve the appearance of surface tension and overall clarity while delivering optimal hydration and elasticity. Our thermo-active NanoExfoliating technology delivers substantial dermabrasive properties without causing lasting redness or damaging the skin.” Source


First Response® Home Pregnancy Test product added. Product description includes “Of course, upgrades in cosmetics could lead to the use of the “First Responder” home-pregnancy test manufactured by Carter-Wallace, the New York based biotechnology company. The test uses gold particles (less than 50 nanometers in diameter) to help consumers read test results more easily.” Source


Turtle Wax® F21™ Super Protectant Wax product added. Product description includes “The key to F21’s performance is the revolutionary nanotechnology, which protects against the sun’s harmful rays. This technological advancement maximizes product performance at the molecular level. F21 prevents fading dashboards or worn-out seats, while also restoring washed out surfaces and protecting them from future damage. With its Sun-Stop® technology, F21 provides the highest level of UVA/UVB protection for leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces to prevent drying, cracking and fading. Source


TX Express Laptop Computer product added. Product description includes “LG Electronics announced that its super-slim notebook, the TX Express, uses carbon nanotube (CNT) technology to reduce heat emissions and boost energy efficiency.”

“The cooling fan of the TX Express Series is coated with CNT, which is the product of 12 months of research at Korea’s Institute of Advanced Aerospace Technology.” Source


Nanometer-silver Cryptomorphic Condom product added. Product description includes, “The condom’s antibacterial properties presumably arise from the nano-particles of silver incorporated into the spray.” Source


Panasonic® Wet Dry Shaver product added. Product description includes, “Extremely sharp blades, finely crafted with nanotechnology, provide a super-close, clean shave every time.” Source


Sharper Image® products added. For FresherLongerr™ Miracle Food Storage, product description includes “With FresherLonger™ Miracle Food Storage containers — infused with naturally antibacterial silver nanoparticles — it’s easy to keep foods fresher three or even four times longer — fruits, vegetables, herbs, breads, cheeses, soups, sauces and meats!” Source

For Antibacterial Silver Athletic and Lounging Socks, product description includes “Cushioned, fitted, quarter-length sports socks knitted with a cotton material containing millions of invisible silver nanoparticles. Innovative socks are naturally antibacterial and antifungal.” Source


Nano Chemical Systems Holdings Nano Ball Bearing Lubrication product added. Product description includes “This product is designed to solve the problem of a lubricants’ loss of effectiveness and breaking down under the stress of elevated temperatures and pressures. The first planned package for the Nano Ball Bearing Lubrication product is a spray can for commercial and home uses placed on the shelf next to the popular brands.” Source


Aquanova® Novasol® product added. Product description includes “Aquanova’s recent nanotech antioxidant system for essential oils and flavours is a clear signpost of where food ingredient technology in the 21st century is headed.

The product, which is marketed under Aquanova’s Novasol brand as Novasol CT, is designed to help manufacturers introduce antioxidants into food and beverage products easily and effectively.” Source


Nanotec Pty Ltd products added. Product description includes “Amazing nanotechnology puts stain resistance into the very fiber of these chinos — everyday spills roll right off.” Source


Lands’ End products added. Product description includes “Amazing nanotechnology puts stain resistance into the very fiber of these chinos — everyday spills roll right off.” Source


O’Lala chocolate flavored gum and Crystalescience eye and lip serum by Colorescience have been removed from the inventory.


FAST-ACT® Hazard Containment System product added. Product description includes, “Due to unparalleled surface area, unique morphology, increased porosity, and small crystallite sizes these nanomaterials (a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter) exhibit enhanced chemical reactivity. NanoScale has compiled extensive data on the reactivity of nanomaterials towards many hazards including acidic and caustic gases, chlorocarbons, organophosphorus compounds, simulants as well as chemical warfare agents.”

“Utilizing this technology, NanoScale has developed FAST-ACT. This proprietary formulation of nanomaterials is safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-corrosive.” Source


Easton® SLC01 Pro Machine product added. Product description includes ““Easton is ahead of the game again with the launch of a bicycle featuring carbon nanotube technology. Carbon nanotubes are tiny cylinders of carbon atoms that have 100 times the strength of steel but weigh considerably less. Easton has used these materials to produce a bicycle frame called the SLC01 Pro Machine, which is 23% lighter than the previous lightest model, weighing in at just 960 grams.” Source


X-Scent product updated to E47 SmartSilver™ Fibers and Fabrics. Product description includes “E47 fibers and fabrics control odor producing microbes faster, safer, longer and more efficiently than other fabric technologies. E47 fibers and fabrics are an advanced nano-material science breakthrough in antimicrobial and anti-odor technology. E47 controls odor causing microbial proliferation by accelerating silver ionic flux through advanced integrated nano-technologies.” Source


Kleinmann GmbH products added. Product description includes “What does the Best Protect windowscreen nano sealant consist of. It consists of Nano particles with components which when combined with the glass, resists ice, snow and dirt. After combining with vitreous components, the result is a hard sealant which during tests gave excellent visability, in both rainy conditions and darkness. For further technical questions, please check our homepage. Advantages with the sealing in view of sight and driving security, tested in darkness and rain which are the main causes for accidents.” Source

Additionally, two products, “Magic Nano Bad- und WC-Versiegeler” and “Magic Nano Glas- und Keramik-Versiegeler” have been removed from the market. See


Sovereign Silver™ Product added. “The finesse achieved by Natural-Immunogenics in its [colloidal] silver hydrosols could not have been achieved without the aid of the Transmission Electron Microscope. The company’s Phillips EM400T instrument is capable of resolution to less than 3 Angstroms. Since Natural-Immunogenics consistently produces silver species of a sub-nanometer size, the instrument is also used in its continuous quality control program.” Source


Arbonne NutriMinC® RE9 Products added. The products contain “Nanospheres: Infused with free radical fighting antioxidant vitamins, penetrate deep into the skin to protect, condition and adjust to skin’s specific needs.” Source


Dr Brandt lineless cream added. “The age-inhibitor complex contains: MMPs that prevents the depletion of collagen. fullerene, that acts as a powerful free radical sponge. hydroxyprolisilane C which protects collagen from glycation, a process that causes loss of elasticity” Source


Crystalescience eye and lip serum by Colorescience are pending removal from the inventory. This follows an article on NPR radio, claiming that, while it was originally thought the eye and lip serum contained particles small enough to be classed as nanotechnology, this no longer appears to be the case. “When NPR asked about the product, Colorescience founder Diane Ranger said her company originally thought the particles in this serum were small enough to qualify as nanotech, but now they think they’re too big.” (NPR Morning Edition, 3/13/16.


O’Lala chocolate flavored gum is placed under review. This follows an article in the New York Times, claiming that the O’Lala chocolate flavored chewing gum does not use nanotechnology. “O’Lala has prototypes of confections using nanoscale ingredients. “But they are not ready for market and they aren’t gum,” said Neil Wyant, the company’s chief executive.” (New York Times, 3/12/06. The O’lala chocolate flavored gum was listed by Forbes magazine as one of the top 10 nanotechnology products of 2005Source


NEW symbol is introduced to the inventory. Products recently added to the inventory are marked with this symbol.


PENDING REMOVAL symbol is introduced to the inventory. Products pending removal from the inventory are marked with this symbol. Products identified as not being nanotechnology-based will initially be identified with this symbol, before being removed from the inventory.