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Antibacterial Table Ware


Date Added

1 January 2007

Country of Origin


“Antibacterial tableware and kitchen tools Tableware and kitchen tools play an important role in people¡¯s daily life. It is also one of the most usual ways to spread disease especially in public places like restaurant, cafes, and inns, etc. People always use traditional ways such as sterilizer to kill bacteria and germs but the result is not satisfied, because many bacteria and viruses survive or relive very quickly. Our Antibacterial tableware which with nano silver coating could kill the attached bacteria and microbial in ten minutes and the effect can last for a long time even permanently and keep the surface always clean. Thus, our antibacterial tableware and kitchen tools can prevent people from the following diseases: duodenitis caused by spirillums, virosis hepatitis, dysentery caused by salmonella and food poisoning caused by golden staphylococcus.”





1 millions nanometers across

Functions of Nanomaterial

Potential Exposure Pathways

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Antibacterial Kitchenware

Company: Nano Care Technology, Ltd.

Category: Cross Cutting > Coatings
Category: Food and Beverage > Cooking

Origin: China

Nanomaterial: Silver

How much we know: Category 5 (Not advertised by manufacturer)