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Antibacterial Pet Products


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1 January 2007

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“Antibacterial articles for pets Many infectious diseases among people are originated from animal diseases. The chance of infection( such as salmonella£¬anthrax, rabies£¬flu, etc.)is increased when human beings and animals are live together. In this way, protecting animal means protecting our human beings. Besides, many diseases are transferred between animals. Food residues and mouth secretions on the food containers supply a good environment for microbe multiplication and people seldom clean or disinfect the containers. Animal get infections after eating large amount of pathogenic microbes and some of it might infect human beings. In order to solve this problem, our company developed a strongly antibacterial pet food-container which can kill 40,000 bacteria in 30 minutes under the circumstance of 36¡À1¡æ and >90% humidity. Our nano silver coating materials can be widely applied on pet hairdressing appliances, food containers, chains, cages, etc. it is antibacterial and durable as well as good-look. We can provide a series products with colors of golden, silvery white, gray, black, blue, etc.”




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