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NanoBusiness Alliance Announces Endorsement for Inventory of Research on Environment, Human Health and Safety Effects of Nanotechnology

CHICAGO—(BUSINESS WIRE), Nov. 29, 2005, The NanoBusiness Alliance today announced its endorsement for the new inventory of research into nanotechnology’s potential environmental, human health and safety effects (EH&S) compiled by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

The inventory contains a total of 161 projects related to EH&S that are funded by 8 different U.S. federal agencies, including EPA, NSF, NIH, NIOSH, USDA, DOD, DOE, and NIST. While not comprehensive, the database lends structure and classification to the data gathered from these projects and comes with a commitment of being expanded and regularly maintained. Most importantly, the inventory is open and accessible to all, facilitating increased awareness of the projects underway and making it easier for organizations to form partnerships to research and address potential EH&S issues.

The report on the inventory concludes that there is a need for more resources, for a coherent risk-related research strategy, and for public-private partnerships and international EH&S research collaborations. These findings are in keeping with recent written testimony given to the House Committee on Science by Keith Blakely, the CEO of Nanodynamics and a board member of the NanoBusiness Alliance. Blakely’s testimony points to the need to adequately resource EH&S research, to support EH&S efforts in the private sector, to develop effective and coordinated EH&S policy across federal regulatory agencies, and to further educate the public about nanotech EH&S.

“The NanoBusiness Alliance is committed to furthering research in the area of environment, health and safety effects,” said Sean Murdock, Executive Director, NanoBusiness Alliance, “and we applaud the Woodrow Wilson Center’s work as an important step along this path. We encourage our network of corporations, universities, regional initiatives and media to participate and contribute to this growing and open resource.”

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