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Galaxia Nano Technology Limited™ Nano Oxygen Supply Living East Cup


Date Added

6 February 2007

Country of Origin

“Cell washing sauna to allow blood to do aerobic exercise! 1 20% Nano materials and the use of far-infrared effect of the company independently developed the unique properties of materials, multiple activation Water changes will occur as follows : 1, high oxygen compared with ordinary water, the dissolved oxygen content in water more than a 20% increase. 2, the ordinary life of the water into small molecules activated water. 3 pH Infiltration dissolved resilient, versatile metabolic characteristics. ) 3, weak alkaline pH water regulation, weak alkaline pH values. 4, the mine water added calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium and other trace elements beneficial to humans. For high cholesterol, diabetes, gout, constipation, weight loss, beauty and other obvious effects. Long-term use can increase the human immune system and the promotion of metabolism, elimination of subhealth.”



Location of Nanomaterial