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Envirox™ Fuel Borne Catalyst


Date Added

1 January 2007


Country of Origin


“Envirox™ Fuel Borne Catalyst is a scientifically and commercially proven diesel fuel combustion improve which reduces fuel consumption and also reduces harmful exhaust emissions. These benefits are achieved by using a patented catalyst technology based on cerium oxide, a well-known industrial catalyst, which is also used within the automotive sector in gasoline engine three-way catalytic converters. Envirox™ is delivered into the combustion chamber pre-mixed with the fuel and improves fuel consumption using two mechanisms: - cerium oxide modifies the combustion profile so that more useful work is delivered from each combustion cycle for a given quantity of fuel - cerium oxide lowers the temperature at which carbon combusts which causes a progressive clean up of the engine allowing the engine to operate with optimum efficiency.”





5 ppm

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