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CerMet Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner


Date Added

8 March 2011


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CERMET's nano-particle technology not only performs in an incredible fashion but also is completely self-regulating and will keep your parts operating much longer in like-new condition.

CerMet is a friction reducing, fuel saving ceramic-metal conditioner that can be applied to any working mechanism without disassembly. It is not an oil additive and does not change oil properties in any way. It merely uses oil as a conduit for delivering ceramic-metal nano particle to friction zones. CerMet provides a unique application that will restore parts to like-new conditions while coating them with a harder and smoother ceramic-metal surface. CerMet continues to produce significantly positive results for passenger vehicles as well as for major fleets. CerMet is simple to use and has a money back guarantee. Now individual consumers can take advantage of this breakthrough fuel saving technology. +


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Category: Automotive > Maintenance & Accessories
Category: Appliances > Batteries

Origin: USA

Nanomaterial: Ceramics

How much we know: Category 4 (Unsupported claim)