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B-12 Energy Booster


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20 February 2009

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When sprayed into the mouth, the Nutrition by Nanotech B-12 Energy Booster's tiny droplets are easily absorbed across the mucous membranes into the circulatory system. The result is that much higher levels of this Vital B-Vitamin reach the targeted areas compared to those achieved through conventional pill, tablet, capsule, or liquid delivery. Additionally, the Nano-Droplets are designed to release the Vitamin within a steady, Time-Controlled manner to ensure longer term benefit from each single dose, enhancing efficiency even further. Each pharmaceutical grade daily dose of Vitamin B-12 Energy Booster delivers 1200mcg. B-12 (cyanocobalamin) (20,000% of the RDA). One Vial contains enough product for 180 sprays or 30 days and unlike most supplements, B-12 Energy Booster is stimulant free, contains only natural ingredients and tastes great.




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