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Aqulic® AQ-001SF natural shower filter


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18 August 2008

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"The Aqulic® AQ-001SF natural shower filter unit consisting of a filter cartridge AQ-001C uses layers of advanced materials to purify shower water. What makes it unique is its use of Nanotechnology™ to ensure that purity. Nano™ carbon layers remove harsh chemicals that damage hair and skin, like chlorine, chloramines, hydrogen sulphide and iron oxide. Nano™ silver layers filter out any fungi or bacteria. No other water filter has this technology. The benefits to hair, skin and health will quickly be felt. Why use expensive beauty products, when you can wash in water that restores your natural balance?"

By combining nano silver and nano carbon, researchers are discovering ways to make a filter that removes not only bacteria and fungi, but even contaminants and deodorizers. Aqulic, a company near London has already commercialized their version. Aqulic has designed a shower head that filters water to remove any contaminants using silver, carbon, copper and zinc. Copper and zinc result in oxidation reduction through a chemical reaction. This occurs by molecules changing into different elements using the transfer of electrons. The nanosilver disables enzymes that allow microorganisms to take in oxygen, thus killing the microorganisms.The nanocarbon is used as a filter and deodorizer ( ). Aqulic and numerous other companies are paving the way for cleaner water. Once methods are established and cost of manufacturing can be reduced, this will be extremely useful in places in Africa and Asia, where clean water is scarce.


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Aqulic® AQ-001C replacement filter cartridge

Company: JNB International Limited

Category: Health and Fitness > Filtration

Origin: UK

Nanomaterials: Carbon, Copper, Silver

How much we know: Category 4 (Unsupported claim)