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Alusion™ Alumina Powders


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1 January 2007

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“Mechanochemical Processing technology (MCP) is a new manufacturing technique for nanopowders. In making Alusion™ alumina powder, dry-milling alumina triggers a chemical reaction, which makes a fine nanopowder form within a salt matrix. Next the powder is heat-treated, after which the salt is simply washed away. MCP is unique among technologies in producing uniformly distributed nanoparticles of approximately the same size; the average size of the alumina particles can be manipulated during the milling and heat-treatment steps of the process. In the final step, a water-repellent coating is added to the particles, which makes it possible to add the powder to a broad range of organic binders. The uniform molecular structure of Alusion™ provides superior slip, adhesion and transparency. Specifically designed for use in cosmetics, it diffuses any light that the skin reflects, making wrinkles and fine lines difficult to see. Alusion™ is highly transparent, so the powder doesn’t change the skin’s natural hue. Although some similar technologies are unsuitable for use in cosmetics, Alusion™ is safe to use and approved by the FDA. It’s currently used in cosmetics such as face powders, foundations, eye shadow and lipstick, as well as bath and body products. But consider using Alusion™ in industrial applications; its properties would come in equally handy in high-temperature lubricants, pigment substrates, metal casting die release agents and slip additives for plastics.”

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