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Air Purifier, Dr. Mobile


Date Added

15 August 2008


Country of Origin


"Nano silver antibacterial filter : Nano silver filter, the best antibacterial filter produced with nanotechnology, prevents growth of, and kills approximately 650 kinds of harmful germs and viruses with a germ resistance rate of 99.9%. Antibacterial medium filter : This filter protects functions of other filters such as the carbon filter by getting rid of relatively large particles and by preventing the growth of germs. Activated carbon filter : This top quality deodorant filter gets rid of foul smells of cigarette smoke, foods, and mildew as well as chemicals generated from solvents such as benzene and ammonia, while it captures dioxin, a carcinogen. HEPA filter : This filter is designed to get rid of radioactive micro-particles as small as 0.3∮?, which is known to be one of the most harmful substances to human health and to be hard to be removed, by 99.97% with latest high technology. Carbonate net : On top of four-step filters, one additional deodorant filter of different mode is added to provide excellent deodorizing effects. Chlorine dioxide : Unlike other existing deodorants, chlorine dioxide directly dissolves matters that cause foul smells, removes germs, mildew, viruses, and bacteria in the air, and oxidizes harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide to remove them."


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