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Intel Congratulates Wilson Center on Publication of New Nano Report

Intel The Intel Corporation congratulates the Woodrow Wilson Center on the publication of their new report, “Nanotechnology: A Research Strategy for Addressing Risk.” Intel is a leader in the field of nano-electronics and has long been a leader in environmental health and safety (EHS).

Paolo Gargini, Director of Technology Strategy, stated that, “The Wilson Center report is an important contribution to building much needed consensus around the need for focused research into the implications, as well as the applications, of nanotechnology. We believe there is a need for a more strategically-focused Federal effort devoted to studying the environmental, health, and safety dimensions of nanotechnology.” The Wilson Center report coalesces and extends the work of several other groups and illuminates a growing consensus around the need for a more focused, federally-guided nanotech EHS research program. Gargini noted that, “Implementing the recommendations of the Wilson Center report would clearly build on the progress made under the leadership of the National Nanotechnology Initiative.” The approach envisioned by the Wilson Center report would not only enhance prioritization and coordination of Federal nanotechnology EHS research, but it would send a strong signal to the private sector and university community to help guide research efforts there as well. Finally, Intel supports the recommendation for greater international cooperation in nanotech EHS research. Companies and countries will compete in the commercial dimension of nanotech; in the area of EHS, cooperation should be the keynote.

Contact: Paolo Gargini – 408-765-8080