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Jane Macoubrie

Leading social scientist in the discipline of communication studies

Jane Macoubrie is a leading social scientist in the discipline of communication studies, studying the principles and variables that affect and construct human communication outcomes. Dr. Macoubrie is co-author, with North Carolina State University’s Michael Cobb , of the 2004 study, “Public Perceptions about Nanotechnology: Risks, Benefits and Trust.” This was the first nationally representative survey designed to gauge the American public’s perceptions about nanotechnology. It was funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Her new study of informed citizen perceptions, “Nanotechnology: Public Concerns, Reasoning, and Trust in Government,” will be released in late 2005. She has studied face-to-face and Internet mediated communication processes for citizen involvement in policymaking since 1992, focusing on communication variables influencing effective processes. Her research into citizen deliberation of technology policy issues since 2001 has mostly been conducted with support from NSF. She is author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and lectures widely. Dr. Macoubrie was Assistant Professor of Public and Interpersonal Communication at North Carolina State University from 1998-2005. She received her Ph.D. (1998) and her M.A. (1994) from the University of Washington. Her B.A. degree is from Antioch University Seattle.