Nanotechnology Project


Nanotechnology Risk and Oversight: It’s Your Business!

Stanford University Alumni Center in Palo Alto, CA

Nanotechnology is moving out of laboratories and into factories, stores and homes, and waste streams. With Lux Research reporting more than $32 billion in products incorporating emerging nanotechnology sold last year and global nanotechnology R&D spending reaching $9.6 billion annually, governments around the world are looking at ways to ensure workplace, consumer and environmental health and safety.

Are current regulations adequate? Will countries take similar approaches to oversight, especially in Europe and America? Where is there already agreement, and where are possible differences? What role will international organizations play?

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This event is not being held at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington. It is being hosted in partnership with the MIT Stanford UC Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum and will be held in the Stanford University Alumni Center in Palo Alto, CA. The session will be available as streaming media from at a later date.